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Fibroids are the most frequently seen tumors of the female reproductive system. Fibroids, also known as uterine myomas, leiomyomas, or fibromas, are firm, compact tumors that are made of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue that develop in the uterus. It is estimated that between 20 to 50 percent of women of reproductive age have Fibroids. Some estimates state that up to 30 to 77 percent of women will develop Fibroids sometime during their childbearing years.

Fibroid has become rampant in the Nigerian society due to modern lifestyle. The causes of Fibroid can be traced to the type of lifestyle that we now live. The lifestyle we now live cannot be compared with the natural lifestyles of the people of old. There are so many things that are bringing in a lot of estrogen (hormone influencing the growth of Fibroids) into the body systems now, like plastics, pesticides and even the foods and the processes under which we breed animals for consumption. Most of these things, including fishes, are bred artificially. So they store those hormones that we are imbibing and that is what is causing Fibroids problems.

Fibroids tumors develops from an aberrant muscle cell in the uterus, which multiplies rapidly because of the influence of estrogen. Women who are approaching menopause are at the greatest risk for Fibroids because of their long exposure to high levels of estrogen.

Are you struggling to get rid of your Fibroids? Are you frustrated, in pain, or feeling anxious for not being able to properly cure your Fibroids despite all your efforts? Are you experiencing irregular periods, pain in your lower abdomen or bloating? Are you afraid of not being able to have children? If you answered yes, then pay attention to this letter because your suffering is about to be over.

You're about to discover what might be the most powerful Fibroids remover program ever developed. It's the same program hundreds of Nigeria women, just like you, used to permanently remove their Fibroids and improve their fertility and the quality of their lives.

Over the past 2 years, through a long process of research and experimentation, I have discovered a guaranteed, 100% Natural Fibroid remover program that is backed by lengthy hours of research conducted by nutritional experts for eliminating all types of Fibroids quickly and naturally. This is a very rare, highly unique and potently powerful Fibroids remover program, which very few women even know exists...

If you would like to know how to do the following safely... without drugs, without risky surgery, and without any side effects, then this will be the most important discovery of your life. I guarantee it.......

Get Rid Of Your Fibroids Naturally Within 2 Months and Prevent Recurrent growth
Eliminate Pelvic Pressure and Pain, Bloating and Discomfort
Boost Your Fertility and Gain Regular Periods (No More Spotting or Unexpected periods)
Stop Bladder Pressure
Get Rid Of Heavy Menstrual Flow (Menorrhagia) or Painful Menstrual Flow (Dysmenorrhea)
Get Rid Of Pain During Intercourse (Dyspareunia)
Improve the Quality of Your Life Dramatically
Avoid or Stop Repeated Miscarriages

You Can Finally Get Rid Of
Fibroid And This Actually Works…

According to a statistic report, 1 In 4 women in
Nigeria have Fibroids between the age of 30-50 years

And more so, some ladies below the 30 years of age who are single and have no children are getting to develop this tumors in their body already.

Is any of this common to you…?

Is any of this common to you…?

Anemia (as a result of heavy periods)
Discomfort in the lower abdomen
Frequent urination
Heavy painful periods
Pain in the legs
Painful sex
Swelling in the lower abdomen

If you observe any of these, then you need to take this serious…

Aside the fact that it is very expensive, surgery is usually the last resort of removing Fibroid, it could require that your womb would be tampered with, it may even require removing the womb completely in the process to prevent it from growing back.

Are you ready to sacrifice your womb in the name of surgery especially if you are not yet through with child bearing?


The good news is that you can now get rid of your Fibroids and all its related complications without surgery.....Yes without Surgery

Take a look at these testimonials of people who once had Fibroids:

Testimonial 1: Onyekachi

"My name is Onyekachi Charity Anyachor, before I came in contact with this products, I had been diagnosed with fibroids/ovarian cyst on 15th of February 2010. It was a terrible experience for me because I had to visit hospital twice a week for treatment. I went through several tests and also minor operation procedures. The doctor even took some tissues from my womb lining for more tests. I was bleeding twice monthly with severe pains and I had to wear diapers because whenever I was bleeding I usually experienced paralysis from my waist to my leg. I have bled for a month non-stop before.
As time went on, I was scheduled for a major surgery on 19th of May 2011. I could no longer wear white which is my best colour because of my excessive bleeding, I started wearing dark colours. This went on for 2 years till I met a friend who recommended these products to me.
Lo and behold I started having a normal pain free periods after taking the health supplements which eventually help me to push out the fibroids. I have gone for several tests and scan since that and the doctors could not find the fibroid/cyst. I have been touched by this amazing product".


Testimonial 2: Anthonia

"The fibroid had decreased in size to 2.1cm.
I had consulted my doctor and cancelled the surgery... I managed to completely eliminate the fibroid along with the pain and
anxiety that this condition
had inflicted on me"

"Four months ago, I was scheduled for an operation to remove a fairly large fibroid (approx. 7 cm), which had caused me a great deal of pelvic pain and pressure on my bladder. The doctor insisted that there was no other choice but to go under the knife and I had reluctantly agreed. It was approx. 2 months prior to the surgery when somebody referred my husband to your website. With the help of my loving husband, I started the Fibroids remover program and 4 weeks later I was scheduled for an ultrasound check: it was shocking. The fibroid had decreased in size to 2.1cm and now am completely free of the terrible pain. Thanks for your guidance.


What Makes This Breakthrough Solution So Unique is That It Gives You The Power To...:

Get Rid of Fibroids permanently. It's a fact - 93% of the women who use conventional treatments such as surgery, anti-inflammatory drugs, birth control drugs e.t.c, to treat their Fibroids will sometimes end up worse than when they started because these are temporary treatments. Now you can join the successful 7% group that keeps it off forever. Conventional treatments such as birth control drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, and surgery mostly address the symptoms of Fibroids and work short-term. Most women who had undergone surgeries have developed Fibroids again sometimes within several weeks. The solution I now reveal to you is a unique proven approach that eliminates Fibroids within few short weeks (depending on the severity) and also help you to prevent recurrent growth.

Introducing the Proven,
100% Natural Fibroid Remover Pack


FIBROID NATURAL REMOVAL is a Pack of Natural Supplements that helps to shrink and get rid of Fibroids, eliminate Fibroids pain and other related complications within few weeks.

NOTE: "FIBROID NATURAL REMOVAL" is a marketing name only. Every single components mentioned below are packed inside the DELIVERY box and hence, if you do not see FIBROID NATURAL REMOVAL written on the pack, please don’t be afraid.

Inside the pack are different natural health supplements that will help you get back the perfect health that you deserve.

Everyone needs to live healthy and not be in any form of sickness whatsoever.

Here is what is inside the "FIBROID NATURAL REMOVAL" Pack;

Aloe Vera Gel: Besides their reputation as a cleanser for the urinary tract, cranberries privide a high content of vitamin c. They are also a natural source of healthful proanthocyanidins, which helps to remove harmful free oxygen radicals from cells.

Bee Propolis: Propolis is a sticky resin collected by bees. Honeybees collect and metabolize the propolis, then line their hives with it to protect the hive. It’s so effective, the interior of the bee hive has been found to be safer than most operating rooms. The name Propolis is derived from the Greek meaning “before the city,” signifying that propolis defended the entire community from external threat.

Vitolise Women : Aside from the fact that it helps to strengthen the immune system in the body, it also helps in the lowering of blood cholesterol. With its strong powerful antioxidant and control of blood pressure in the body.

Through its support of the immune system garlic has been shown to neutralize free radicals in the bloodstream, which if left unchecked can damage healthy cells.

Garlic Tyme : A combination of fish oil and olive oil. It is one of the balanced food supplements with manifold action, gives your body back what your busy lifestyle takes out.

So what makes this product safe to use and why would I even recommend it to you.


The products has the prestigious Kosher Seal (which makes it acceptable to the Jews. The Jews don’t take anything that isn’t 100% natural. In fact, they don’t even take bread with yeast! They believe in no additives.

It has other seals including the Halal and Islamic seals as well. (These are Seals of highest form of purity including our own NAFDAC in Nigeria).

And the best part is that, just making use of this FIBROID NATURAL REMOVAL Pack has helped a lot of people to get rid of their Fibroids.

It is my desire to help stop Fibroid patients from spending ridiculous amount of money on risky surgeries and other short-term treatments that doesn't last and help them to get this FIBROID NATURAL REMOVAL at a ridiculous low discount offer.

Okay, Am ready to get this FIBROID NATURAL REMOVAL Pack. How much does it cost to get it sent to my House Address Because Am A Busy Womam?

No matter the amount of money that you spend, it cannot replace having a very good health where you can do all that you want freely knowing that you are perfectly safe and healthy. That’s why some can spend over N500,000 on surgeries just to have such.

Here is all you need to get your choice Pack of FIBROID NATURAL REMOVAL Delivered to your doorstep.

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2 Aloe Vera Gel

1 Vitolise Women
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1 Garlic Tyme



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1. Your Full Name
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3. Your Choice Date Of Delivery
4. Phone Number of the Recipient
5. Your email address

Send as SMS To: 08064207281

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I am 100% confident that FIBROID NATURAL REMOVAL will work for you, and I say…go ahead and get it.

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Beyond just purchasing these packages from us, we will keep giving you essential tips via email and text message that will also help you manage your health condition appropriately. Go order for your Pack right away.

Take responsibility for your health.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Mike



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DISCLAIMER: "FIBROID NATURAL REMOVAL" is a marketing name only. Every single components mentioned above are packed inside the DELIVERY box and hence, if you do not see FIBROID NATURAL REMOVAL written on the pack, please don’t be afraid.

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