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Eliminate your type 2 diabetes  in 30 days or less, directly tackling the cause of the disease and not just the symptoms, using a 100% effective and scientifically tested method?

On this eye-popping page, you’ll:

Learn the REAL reason you have diabetes…and what you can do about it, and how you can:

  • Attack diabetes at its source…without swallowing dangerous drugs
  • Never poke or prick yourself with glucose meters or insulin EVER again
  • Completely REVERSE (not just treat) type 2 diabetes in 3 dead-simple steps

…put simply:

Heal Your Type 2 Diabetes For Good!

Dear Reader,

Let’s face it. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably already up to your eyeballs with diabetes information.

The problem is, you don’t know what to make of it!

With thousands of books, articles, and online programs out there, there’s no shortage of information…just a shortage of good information.

Keep reading, because I’m going to cut out the fat and give you the only diabetes information you’ll ever need!

What Does…and Doesn’t Cause Diabetes?

I know what you’re thinking.

You think I’m going to tell you that diabetes is part of some giant conspiracy concocted in a dimly-lit backroom with “big pharma”, the FDA, and your doctor all sitting at the table.

Let me tell you, I’ve seen those crazy books and online programs for sale myself. If there’s anyone who should be investigated, it’s the nuts that sell a product just to tell you how gullible you are!

While there’s definitely some shady stuff going on with diabetes treatments, let’s start with some…

Cold-Hard Truths About Diabetes

I hope this will put some of the crazy talk out there to rest:

  • Doctors are NOT evil masterminds: Sure, he wears a lab coat, but he doesn’t plot night and day to make sure you have diabetes forever. Doctors aren’t wicked – many of them are just horribly misguided and WAY too medication-oriented
  • Pharmaceutical Companies aren’t out to murder people: Let’s get something straight: drug companies may or may not want you to get better but they don’t want to kill you. They’re a business like any other and they need sick customers to keep their profits growing. So they don’t want you dead.
  • You have NOT been 100% wrong about diabetes: You probably have a good handle on the basics, but you’re most likely a little confused by the misinformation floating around. I’m here to fill in the gaps –not tell you what you already know.
  • Diabetes isn’t your fault: It probably seems that there’s a line of people waiting to tell you exactly what you’ve done wrong. Not me! I realize that type 2 diabetes isn’t something you get from being “bad” –it’s a result of listening to the wrong people! And type 1 is clearly genetic (although you CAN still do something about it).

Now that we’ve got that out of the way we can start getting to the good stuff: why you have diabetes and how you can get rid of it!

Diabetes is a Symptom AND a Disease

Believe it or not, but when you stick your finger with a glucometer and you get a blood sugar reading of let’s say 250, it’s NOT because you have diabetes!

That’s right: plenty of people without diabetes walk around with high blood sugar all the time. How can this be?

It all comes down to a single word:




You read that right; inflammation is the root cause of diabetes.

It’s the inflammation that makes your cells ignore insulin (also known as insulin resistance).

It’s inflammation that makes your pancreas shrivel up and die

It’s the inflammation that’s causing your diabetes!


“What The Heck Is Inflammation?”

That’s a great question. I know I just dropped a bombshell on you, so let me tell you a bit more about this downright deadly phenomenon.

Have you ever stubbed your toe and it swelled up like a helium balloon? That’s inflammation at work. Inflammation is just your body’s way of treating sickness, infection or injury. That’s healthy.

The problem arises when you suffer what’s called “chronic inflammation”. Where the inflammation process continues long after any healing process is completed. With chronic inflammation, your body in essence attacks itself.


How does this happen?

You see, when you eat the wrong foods, your body goes into full-fledged attack mode and treats the toxins you just ate as foreign invaders!

And if you keep eating the wrong foods (even those that you think are healthy), the inflammation fire rages higher and higher until your body is in crisis.

It’s no wonder that Time Magazine recently chose to put inflammation as its cover story……it’s just that important!

The only way to get inflammation under control is to knock out the toxic foods from your diet. Once that’s done, you need to start adding anti-inflammatory foods that are like ice-cold water on a flame!

Then, and only then, can your body bounce back, repair, and do the internal renovations that will completely reverse diabetes!

What I discovered in my diabetic research was that only minor diet and lifestyle changes can completely reverse the inflammation and get your diabetes under control.

And that's what this system will do for you, to reverse blood sugar level and inflammation completely.

This is extremely simple.

One of the worst things you can do…

…is take a bunch of diabetes medications. It might be hard to admit, but you probably already know that these meds do much more harm than good!

Just because the meds put the cap on your blood sugar doesn’t mean your diabetes is getting any better.

Truth be told, these same meds make inflammation skyrocket.

Drugs are not going to do anything but treat the symptoms! And in the long run, they’ll make your problem worse.

How do I know? Glad you asked because by now you’ve figured out that I have some “inside” information, but you’re probably asking yourself:

“Who the Heck Am I?”

Oh, how rude. I was so excited to tell you all this, I forgot to introduce myself.

Hi, my name’s  MIKE, an independent alternate health researcher.

Last year, our team of natural therapist helped over 760 type 2 diabetics in Nigeria end the need for prescription drugs, insulin injections and blood sugar monitoring. This year we are on track to help over 950 diabetics achieve "the impossible".


You See, A number of scientific breakthroughs, like the one that pinned diabetes on inflammation, have turned the tables on diabetes.


For the first time in history, the new goal is to not just treat, but completely eliminate type 2 diabetes.


Seriously, think about this for a moment. This means that you can live a fun and fulfilling life -100% diabetes-free!

You Too Can Get Same Dramatic Result, Just Like Others Who Has Engaged Our Natural Program...See The Proofs...

Don’t Treat Diabetes- Beat It!



The proven, natural Program to completely reverse Type 2 diabetes

What’s even more important than what you get is, you’ll:

  • Never have to refer to yourself as a “diabetic” ever again!
  • Toss your diabetes meds out the window-with your doctor’s blessing because you won’t need them anymore
  • Eat the foods you love –and still burn fat
  • Watch your blood sugars fall into place like a stack of dominos!
  • Stop worrying about diabetic complications like nerve problems (lost toes is too common for diabetics), eyesight problems, and heart attacks.


Introducing To You:


Each pack of DIABETES WELLNESS KIT contains the following powerful supplements:


The Active Probiotics  'rewires' the pancreas again and could cure both types of diabetes, scientists claim. The new drug, which contains live bacteria from the human gut, has been shown to drastically lower blood sugar levels.


Aloe Vera Juice helps to improve and stabilize blood glucose level and also helps in balancing the immune system and provides fast healing of leg wounds and ulcers which are also complications of Diabetes.


Aloe Blossom Tea sweeps away these toxins and make the villi function properly in absorbing the nutrients into the bloodstream.
This also makes Active Probiotics efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream. There, it dissolves the arterial plaque that accumulate in your arteries.The miraculous aloe leaf has benefited mankind for thousands of years. helps boost your immune system. Helps in detoxification and cleansing or the arteries, veins, blood stream and the heart itself. Aloe vera also contains vitamins E, C, B12 and A. Vitamin C in particular is good to help with blood circulation and helps maintain normal functioning of blood vessels.



Garlic and thyme, the two powerful antioxidants found in Forever Garlic-Thyme®, combine to create a great tool in maintaining good health. When garlic is cut or crushed, enzymes react to produce a powerful immune-enhancing agent. Studies showed that garlic helps decrease triglycerides and blood cholesterol levels and increases the levels of high density lipo-protein in your body. It helps significantly against atherosclerosis.

“How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?”



You'll also get Our "Unique Dosage Plan and Special Diabetes Wellness E-book" That Makes These Supplements Work Effectively:

Over time, we have found out that the way you combine and use this supplements also affect the results you get. So, when you order for your pack of DIABETES WELLNESS KIT™, we are also going to be sending you the step by step dosage of plan that you will be using to get the best results possible. As you start to use these supplements based on the special dosage we will send to you, you will start noticing changes in your body system and you will also be astonished at how far you would have gone in helping to rid yourself of diabetes.

In simple terms, DIABETES WELLNESS PROGRAM does what most recommended drugs don't do. Instead of helping your body with Insulin, the supplements in DIABETES WELLNESS PROGRAM™ actually help your body itself to naturally produce insulin and lower your blood sugar - thereby eliminating the ROOT cause of your Diabetes.

It’s Time To Get Serious!


You’ve seen the evidence and you know our program can change your life.

If you’re serious about not just dealing with, but completely overcoming diabetes, then you need to order our program right now. Don’t let diabetes hijack your life for one more day.

“How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?”




2 Bottles of AloeVera Gel


1 Bottle of ImmuBlend


1 FREE Bottle of Garlic thyme


The Ball is Now In Your Court...

Completely get rid of diabetes now instead of buying drugs month after month for the rest of your life.  The supplements in the DIABETES REVERSAL THERAPY™ pack have changed hundreds of lives and we know it will DEFINITELY change yours!





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